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Tangshan city are covering 13472 sqare kilometers and has a population of 6.88 milions 1998. Tangshan was approved of opening-up-zone of economic along the sea by the State Council. Tangshan has been the fifty-strengh city with the comprehensive economic power, rank the thirty-eighth.Tangshan, located the central belt ringing the Bohai Sea, connects North of China and Northeast of China, lies to The Democratic People's repulic Korea and the Republic of Korea over the sea. With developing and opening-up of the ,especially opening of international navigation of the Jingtang Harbour and Building of Jing-Ha, Jin-Tang and Tang-gang expressway, Jing-Jin-Tang is becoming the " Gold-Traangle-Area" ringing the Bohai Sea.Tangshan has rich natural resources and strong economic base. Tangshan is has hundred-year-history of heavy-industry city, is the China's craddle of industry of Modern History. Now Tangshan has become the important base of energy and material, steel-iron, coal, power-generation,chemical industry, building-material, machine, china,textile, paper-making and foodstuff are the ten pillar industries. Tangsha china is famous at home and abroad. The investment environment is very excellent.Communication and traffic is very convenient in Tangshan city, including railway, highway, expressway and sea-traffic, there are 780 thousand callings of program-controlled phone network, you can dial up all over the world, meanwhile the development of digital coomunication is rising high, the computer networks connect to all counties, and have joined Internet. Tangshan has plenty of touring resources, for example the East Imperior Tomb of Qing Dynasty and Jingzhong Mountain. Tangshan is known as the "Brave City of China" by surviving, rebuilding and reflourishing after the devastating earthquake of July 1976, in which an estimated a quarter of the city population were killed and seriously injured (400,000 total). People of Tangshan and sorrounding areas fought for their lives and well-being - the city's industrial production was quickly restored and housing provided to everyone in need. A new Tangshan has risen from the rubble and ruins.

Foreign Sister Provinces,States & Cities
Sister Cities:
Tangshan, Kina: Vänortsavtal slöts 1987.
河北省唐山市 Tangshan City (瑞典)马尔默市 Malmo, Sweden 1987.9.18
河北省唐山市 Tangshan City (日)酒田市 Sakata,Japan  1990.7.26
河北省唐山市 Tangshan City (英)林肯市 Lincoln,UK  1992.10.22
河北省唐山市 Tangshan City (美)锡得拉皮兹市 Cedar Rapids lowa,USA  1997.6.18

Earthquake of 唐山市 Tangshan City